Last week, 570,000 viewers tuned in for the live airing of Teen Wolf’s season premiere. Sadly, this is a new low for the show, thus proving MTV was right to make season six the final one. Of course, MTV had every indication of Teen Wolf’s live audience collapsing when only 800,000 viewers turned in for the season five finale. As stated before, the sixth season of Teen Wolf isn’t about ratings. It’s about getting the show to 100 episodes, which will make it one of the most valuable packages to second-tier streaming outlets like Netflix in the years to come.

This week begins the long road that will eventually lead to the return of Stiles on Teen Wolf. For now, what we saw in “Superposition” was the conflict this season’s monster faces. The ghost riders track back to a time before modern man, where schools and cars weren’t a thing. Because of this, erasing someone completely is much harder than it once was, so clues are getting left behind. In these clues are where we might find the fight that will break out towards the back half of season six.

If the ghost riders can’t fully erase someone, can they and their hunt survive? Stealing Stiles could be their downfall, but for that to be so, the gang must first get him back. Unsurprisingly, Teen Wolf is milking this for all it’s worth. The unknowing loss of Stiles is forcing everyone to ask questions like, what was Scott doing out in the woods the night he was bitten and, how did Malia keep herself chained at night so as not to attack any innocent residents of Beacon Hills? These questions are what will ultimately lead to the realization that Stiles has been forgotten.

Also being tackled right now is the foundation of what will remain when our core heroes eventually graduate and depart Beacon Hills for good. The younger heroes are going to need to rise up in order to protect the town, and that means taking the reins from Scott. While it’s sure to be a while before they reach that place, it’s nice to see Scott preparing everyone for that reality. When he’s gone, he needs to know the people and town he loves will remain safe and unharmed.

Overall, we got ourselves a really solid second episode to what is the final season of MTV’s first dramatic hit. What’s being built for our younger character is sure to pay-off in the coming months, and what’s being built with the mystery of Stiles’ disappearance is sure to pay-off in the coming weeks. As stated previously, we’re operating in a state of classic Hitchcock. We know the bomb, that of Stiles’ existence, is under the table. Now, it’s only a matter of time before it goes off. When it does, the real question is who’s going to be caught in the crossfire and, more importantly, will they survive whatever it turns out to be?

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