UFC 206 will kick off with a flyweight bout between Zach Makovsky and Dustin Ortiz. Makovsky is the former Bellator bantamweight champion. He is 3-3 in the UFC but his losses have been to elite opposition: Jussier Formiga, John Dodson and Joseph Benavidez. Ortiz fits a similar mold. He is 4-4 in the UFC and like Makovsky has fallen short against the best in the division: Formiga, Benavidez, John Moraga and Wilson Reis.

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Max Holloway’s most recent UFC defeat was to Conor McGregor in 2013.

While McGregor poured on the charm since to complement his impressive skill in the octagon, Holloway has operated with far less fanfare, defining himself by grinding through an impressive run of nine consecutive victories.

And while McGregor has become the first UFC fighter in history to simultaneously wear two belts as featherweight and lightweight champion, Hawaii’s Holloway (16-3) is just now getting a semifinal chance to fight for the featherweight belt the UFC recently took from McGregor.

“Man, hard work and dedication … I believe in the old-school ways that if you want something, you go out and get it. You prove it. Nothing was handed to me,” Holloway recently told The Times at a luncheon in Los Angeles. “Tune in [Saturday]. You’ll see how hard work pays off.”

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Former UFC champion Anthony Pettis missed weight Friday.

After proclaiming that returning his training base to his home in Milwaukee had resulted in superb conditioning and fitness, Pettis weighed in at 148 pounds — three pounds above the featherweight limit.

“You’ve got to be in shape no matter what — with the adrenaline pumping, the arena, the crowd — you’re going to get tired,” Pettis told the Los Angeles Times last week. “To me, mentally knowing I have 25 minutes to prove I’m better than this guy, it means not getting too excited, not looking to finish so fast, being smart.”

And making weight.